general contractor of the project

From the beginning of its operation, it has specialized in turnkey construction of industrial investment projects.

Along with expansion of the company, acquiring of new orders and the growing share in the construction market, the range of projects has been expanding by logistics, warehouse, office and commercial facilities.

Building the foundation of its activity, BIn – Biuro Inżynierskie has focused its efforts on assuring a full cohesion of the design and construction process. Our team of full-time designers has been taking advantage of a constant inflow of information, including experience and knowledge acquired on the construction market. In this way, a model cooperation system has been developed between the Contractor and the design studio.

The effect of dynamic cooperation between our company and world-renowned developers is construction of large-space logistics parks.

We have created a model procedure of detailed documentation preparation for constructed facilities. The design studio adjusts on regular basis its operation to the needs of construction projects, allowing for significant reduction of time of investment process and avoidance of mistakes. Designs in all fields are prepared by one team, with full control of design process, assuring elimination of discrepancies between various components.

Companies of the BIn Group, within their activity, actively analyze the market of building materials and equipment in order to acquire and implement the latest construction technologies.

The range of these analyses regards architectural-construction solutions, interior installations as well as outside infrastructure of facilities. These activities are focused on achieving measurable economic and quality effects, which serve as strengths in our proposals to customers.